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M any people believe that a degree is necessary to earn a good salary or for a stable career and while that is true for many professions, it is not the only route to financial and career stability.  

Pursuing a four-year university degree is not for everyone and a career in the trades can be a wise career path that offers good pay, job security and advancement for less time and money than a degree would cost.

Find the right trade school for you by selecting the trade career your may be interested and contact the school(s) for program information, tuition, admission requirements, tuition assistance availablility and more!


Reasons to consider a career in trades:

The Cost of Education is Lower

  • Earning a diploma in Canada or an associate degree in the United States, at a career college or trade school is much less expensive than earning a degree

Start Working Sooner

  • While someone earning a degree is in school for four years, skilled trade students graduate and enter the workforce after about two years

Hands-on Training

  • Trades career training programs include hands-on training from skilled professionals and often include work practicums enabling you to get on-the-job training

Skilled Tradespeople earn a good living

  • As with any career choice, salaries vary by province or state, industry, and level of experience, skilled trade careers consistently earn a good living.

Employment Opportunities

  • With the baby boomer generation retiring and the incorrect belief that only a university degree is the pathway for a good career, there is a shortage of trained tradespeople in many skilled trades professions.

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