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Sustainable architecture is the practice of designing and construction buildings that aims to minimize negative environmental impact by focussing on green construction technology, renewable energy and improving a building’s energy performance.   Sustainable or green architecture is more popular than ever as a result of global pressure to find ways to minimize our environmental impact.

If you want to make a difference in the environmental impact of how buildings are designed, built and used, the Sustainable Architecture program at Herzing College’s Montreal campus will not only train you for a career in the construction industry but also how to adopt and develop strategies for designs and development that are sustainable.

Courses in the Sustainable Architecture program include:

  • Applied mathematics for architecture
  • Architectural drawing and model making techniques
  • Design, construction and environmental sustainability
  • About green buildings and energy management
  • How to estimate projects
  • Project Management
  • The regulation of construction and building codes

Graduates of the Sustainable Architecture program are suited for employment a Drafting Technician, Appraiser or Assessor or Architectural Technologist. 

This program is available in English and in French.



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