Skilled Trades Shortage Continues in BC - Means Job Openings for Grads from Trades Schools

Those looking for a reliable and well-paying career should set their sights on trades training. The number of workers getting set to retire in the BC trades currently out-numbers the workforce able to replace them, leaving numerous companies scrambling to find qualified, well-trained employees.  A recent Statistics Canada survey highlighted that both Canada and B.C. are facing a huge shortage of skilled workers in the trades.

The Construction Electrical Foundation program is one such program that prepares students to work with contracting companies involved in residential and commercial electrical work. Students learn installation and maintenance of various electrical mechanisms. Emphasis is placed on lighting, power, alarm, data and communications systems. Students also study electrical theory and safety issues. They will learn to read blueprints and apply electrical code training in the classroom, laboratory and workshop as well.

While completion of a foundation type program does not make someone an apprentice, it does make it easier for a student to find an apprenticeship. In some cases, completion of this program can be considered a prerequisite to an apprenticeship. Once students begin their apprenticeship, they will get credit for the work they did during the entry level trades training. In some cases, they would have to complete less technical training and fewer workplace hours than they otherwise would.