International Psychology

M.A. International Psychology

Students seeking to become leaders and complete an education that will not affect their day-to-day commitments may choose to enroll in the M.A. in International Psychology, Trauma and Group Conflict Concentration online program.

Enrollees will get a chance to study international trauma, social justice, and human rights, all while enjoying a transformative education that will prepare them for a successful career.

Students begin their education by being introduced to faculty members who are not only knowledgeable, but also experienced, in international psychology. Some of the topics faculty members cover include:

  • Immigration
  • Crisis identification
  • Trauma (man-made & environmental)
  • Refugee status
  • Resilience and healing
  • Acculturation

After graduating from the M.A. in International Psychology, Trauma and Group Conflict Concentration online program, graduates will find that their career choices are diverse and might include occupations in the following establishments:

  • The United Nations (UN) programs
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Multinational organizations
  • The World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Humanitarian aid
  • Peace Corporation
  • Red Cross

Ph.D. International Psychology

The Ph.D. International Psychology degree, the first of its kind in the nation, is tailored for individuals with a passion for psychology as it relates to a global dynamic. Graduates learn leadership skills, training, and psychology with the intention of assuming roles within multinational organizations or companies who operate internationally. The program maintains a vision of empowering students and faculty as advocates for international psychology initiatives.

Graduates of the program enter the field with a solid base in expert research and program evaluation skills combined with a deep understanding of the relations of individuals and groups as they relate to global events. These tools prepare graduates to effectively apply psychological principles to individuals, groups, and organizations across the world, as well as teaching others how to evaluate, implement, and collaborate across a variety of cultural diversities with those principles.

The curriculum has a core focus on giving students a firm foundation in the field of international psychological study. The program offers two concentrations within the field and encourages students to choose which aligns most closely with their personal interests and career goals. The concentrations are Organizations and Systems or Trauma services.

Students work together with faculty mentors on an individual basis to receive guidance on career options and international networking opportunities. With the mentorship in the Ph.D. International Psychology program, students gain opportunities to engage in scholarly activities such as presentations and publications that would otherwise be difficult to experience.


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