Flight Attendant Diploma

Being a flight attendant is a not your typical 9 to 5 job, it’s a lifestyle! Working in the airline industry offers exciting opportunities to jet off to exciting locales, while earning a living.

Flight Attendant Training Info

The Flight Attendant program at Canadian Tourism College (CTC) is one of the premiere flight attendant training programs in the country and will prepare you for an exciting and long-lasting career in the airline industry. 

  • Throughout the flight attendant courses you will:
  • Gain a comprehensive overview of the airline industry that covers airline terminology, airline regulatory bodies, law enforcement, airport authority and security
  • Develop effective communication skills and problem-solving techniques while promoting the professional image airlines seek
  • Receive comprehensive training in passenger safety, comfort and satisfaction
  • Learn about correct brace positions, evacuation procedures and basic fire safety techniques such as how to extinguish a fire and prevent re-ignition
  • Learn to identify and describe certain technical features of a variety of aircraft including 737-700, Airbus 320, Boeing 767-300, Boeing 747-400, as flight attendants are required to know the safety and emergency features of each aircraft.  You will learn about the operation of each aircrafts cabin doors and over-wing exits, galley electrical systems, oxygen systems, emergency lighting, communication systems, master panels/ordinance signs, and passenger seating/controls.
  • Receive Advanced First Aid, Serving it Right and Food Safety Certification

Contact Canadian Tourism College today and learn more about how your career can take off!


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