Engineers with C/C++ and Java Experience Earned Big in 2014

According to a recent analysis by recruitment firm Riviera Partners Software, engineering salaries at Bay Area startups were up in 2014 for an average senior engineer with Java experience. The largest job growth was in San Francisco.

For engineers not in management, C/C++ and Java developers earned an average of $143,000 annually, with Python developers slightly behind at $141,000. For engineers with some experience in working with distributed-computing framework Hadoop, the average salary jumps to $150,000. 

In 2014, engineers who were managers of C/C++ teams earned $161,000, followed by Python at $159,000, Hadoop at $152,000, and Java at $151,000.

San Francisco had 62 percent of the new hires with another twenty-nine percent in the Peninsula area lying south of San Francisco and extending south to Mountain View, with nine percent in the South Bay Area.

The largest group of engineers came out of the University of California at Berkeley, with the second largest coming from the University of Waterloo.