Why Consider a Degree in Counseling Psychology

Individuals choose to pursue a career in counseling for a variety of reasons.  Many people value the counseling profession because they have benefited themselves as clients and now this becomes a way to give back to others.  People have many different reasons as to why they choose a career in counseling.  Here are some of the top reasons:

  • People recognize the impact counselors can make in helping to improve others’ lives.
  • They have been told they have a natural ability to understand people and are good listeners
  • They tend to have a strong desire to interact with people
  • They have a sincere yearning to help others to overcome life’s challenges and they enjoy it
  • They enjoy an experience of volunteering in a welfare setting
  • They want to leave a positive mark in the world, to be able to end each day doing something they felt had great value and had made a real difference to someone’s life
  • Doing something that they’re proud of

If you are interested in a counseling career take your time and explore some of these education options:

Adler University


The Chicago School of Professional Psychology