Imagio Photography Scholarship

IMAGO is proud to support emerging talent with vision, diversity and dynamic ideas and are pleased to announce their new IMAGO Photography Scholarship. This is a program aimed at providing expert and professional support for emerging photographers to produce work that compels and advances their artistry and career.

The IMAGO Photography Scholarship Main Prize Includes:

  • A cash grant of 1,500 Euros for the winner
  • A matching cash grant of 1,500 Euros to the institution where they commence their studies

In addition, the winning prize will receive press promotion to be featured on our website and editorial coverage in our online magazine as well as social media inclusion. All alongside the opportunity to join our IMAGO partner network.

This scholarship is open to all emerging photographers worldwide, who do not have sufficient financial backing to support their professional development and is without restriction and can go towards financing studies, acquiring professional equipment or further photography related uses.

The deadline to apply for this scholarship is March 15, 2022. Winners will be announced on May 1st, 2022

Terms & Conditions

  1. The scholarship is open to students who have completed or will have completed high school before the award of the scholarship.
  2. At the time of the award of the scholarship, the applicant must have successfully applied or commenced a tertiary course of study which includes an artistic photography component.
  3. The scholarship is an international scholarship, open to students from any country.
  4. The scholarship winner will receive a cash price of 1.500 Euros.
  5. The scholarship will be paid via bank transfer within 4 weeks of the announcement of the winner.
  6. To be eligible to claim the prize, the winner has to prove they have enrolled in their nominated institution or commenced the above-mentioned tertiary level training.
  7. The institution at which they are enrolled will receive a grant of 1.500 Euros which may be spent for the benefit of the institution’s students, at the discretion of the institution’s managing body.
  8. The 1.500 Euros grant will only be paid if the winner remains enrolled with the institution after their first semester and has successfully completed at least one photography themed subject.
  9. The 1.500 Euros grant will only be paid if the institution provides permission to IMAGO to publicly name the institution the winner attended.
  10. IMAGO reserves the right to choose the winner from internally determined eligibility requirements and at their own discretion.
  11. Applications close on the 15th of March 2022; the winner will be announced on 1 May 2022.


IMAGIO is a leading independent photography and video agency in Germany, born out of Berlin in 1997, which has evolved into a premium global content provider spanning photography and video.

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