Cannabis Companies on Hiring Spree

A ccording to research conducted by the consulting firm Deloitte, the legal pot business will be worth $9 billion in 2019, and as suggested by some industry experts, the legal cannabis industry could create as many as 150,000 cannabis related jobs in the next few years.

According to reports, Canopy Growth, the world’s largest cannabis company, which currently has about 1,000 employees, has 600 openings across Canada at this time. The postings range from head office positions in IT and accounting to production jobs, such as plant trimmers and old-school cannabis growers. They also have a number of retail positions for the provinces where the company will open stores selling recreational pot.

Some positions are universal to many industries, for example, business related positions, retail staff or store managers, while others are unique to this exploding segment. The dominant roles in demand in the cannabis market are for workers to grow the product, and for others to sell it. If you’re ready to take your skills to an emerging market, there will almost certainly be a job out there for you.

Given the size and complexity of the cannabis business in Canada, the types of positions that are available are wide and varied.  Below is a list of the categories you will find in many of the large licensed producers:



Here are just a few examples of the various jobs and required skillsets the industry looks for:

Product Managers


Product managers are responsible for the cannabis company’s product marketing. Candidates will need strong organizations skills and be results oriented.

Media Relations


Media Relations is responsible for various media strategies and programs that effectively describe, inform, engage, and promote the organization and its strategies to external audiences.

Technical Writers


Technical writers develop, organize, write, and edit operational procedures and manuals relating to manufacturing of Cannabis products.

Production Managers / Head Growers


Production managers oversee and analyze the entire "seed to sale" cycle of the product. In this job, workers must account for operations, process, and staff management, plus manage budgets and timelines.



Trimmers trim or manicure the cannabis plant, either by hand or machine trim product to prepare it for the next stage of processing. They also conduct quality control inspections of the final trimmed product.

Propagation Team Members


This role is responsible for verifying plant health and identify problems including mold/disease, insect, nutrient deficiencies.

If you’re considering a career in the cannabis business, now may be the best time ever to take the plunge, as licensed producers across Canada not only ramp up production ahead of marijuana's legalization, but will continue to grow their opertations.

List of colleges and universities offering certificate and diploma programs and courses to fill licensed producers’ jobs in the production, marketing, and distribution areas.