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Programs in Art and Design cover a variety of fields of study such as Applied Arts, Architecture and Industrial Design, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, or Fashion design to name a few.  Find career options and search for design schools and programs available near you. 



Performing Arts


In today's hectic 24/7 culture, for many, a trip to the spa is now considered a necessity more than a luxury!  Long gone are the days where cutting-edge technology in the art of beauty was reserved for the uber-wealthy or those on the "silver screen".

If you are considering entering this career field, see specific careers in the growing health and beauty industry.

A passion for food may lead you into a career as a chef or pastry specialist.   Find the various culinary specialties you can pursue. 

Training with a hospitality management college can help you begin a career in one of the largest and fastest growing economic sectors!  The demand for hospitality services in the hotel, restaurant or tourism and travel industries is creating a demand for trained workers.  By completing a hospitality, or tourism and travel training, you could be preparing yourself for exotic adventures!


Travel and Tourism

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Recent News

08 Nov

Vancouver Community College Announces New Hairstylist Apprenticeship Pathway

Vancouver Community College (VCC) announces the launch of a

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28 Sep

Vancouver Film School Scholarships

Vancouver Film School (VFS) has more than $500,000 in scholarships to give to Canada’s most creative talents.

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12 Jul

Why Are Students Choosing Private Career Colleges

Over half of Ontario private career college students already have post-secondary education 

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06 Jul

Sullivan College of Technology and Design adds program for Advanced Equipment Machinists

Over the next decade, over 3 million manufacturing jobs are expected to become available as baby boomers retire according to a 2015 study by the Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte LLC.

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30 Jun

triOS College Bursaries

triOS College helps people get into the workforce by offering specific career training, year-round starting points and career services assistance to prepare students to start their new ca

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28 Jun

The Art Institute of Vancouver Alumni wins Leo for Best VFX Motion Picture

Chris Van Dyck, an alumnus of The Art Institute of Vancouver, (now LaSalle College Vancouver) won a Leo Award in the Best Visual Effects Motion Pi

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28 Jun

triOS College and Eastern College Extend Bursary for Laid-off Retail Workers

Earlier this month, Canada’s oldest retailer Hudson’s Bay, announced that it is cutting 2,000 jobs (about 4 percent of it’s workforce) across North America.  These job cuts, along with ot

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25 May

What is the Difference between LPC and LCPC Licensing in Illinois

Several states in the U.S., including Illinois have implemented a two-tier system where both the LPC (Licensed Professional Counselors) and LCPC (Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors

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