A Combination Of Full Time And Part Time Studies May Be Better For Some Students

Many students who are returning to college may be balancing work, family and other commitments and that full time studies may not be the best approach for their academic studies.  

In a recent study, a cooperative effort between the American Council on Education (ACE), InsideTrack, NASPA – Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education, the University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA), and the National Student Clearinghouse, found that students who return to college after extended breaks are more likely to graduate if they combine full- and part-time schedules.

Today, many students often balance family, work, and other commitments that fluctuate over their college careers. Balancing part-time and full-time schedules helps them adjust to changes in their schedules and circumstances. Researchers suggest that a combination of full- and part-time schedules allows returning students to adjust to changes in their circumstances as they strive to balance their education with other commitments.

This raises the question whether mandatory minimum credits per semester are counter-productive for those who have the right goal in mind, but find themselves in a school, life balance challenge.