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Sheridan College founded in 1967, has grown to become one of Ontario’s leading public post-secondary institutions educating both full-time and continuing education students on four campuses located in Brampton, Mississauga and Oakville, Ontario and offers Degree, Diploma and Certificate programs in the areas of:

  • Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design
  • Faulty of Applied Health & Community Studies
  • Faculty of Applied Science & Technology
  • Pilon School of Business
  • Faculty of Continuing & Professional Studies
  • Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

Sheridan College Programs by Faculty

Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design

Animation and Game Design

  • Honours Bachelor of Animation
  • Honours Bachelor of Game Design
  • Computer Animation
  • Digital Creature Animation – Technical Direction
  • Game Level Design
  • Music Applied to Stage, Screen and Interactive Visual Environments (MASSIVE)
  • Visual Effects

Design, Illustration and Photography

  • Bachelor of Design (Honours)
  • Honours Bachelor of Illustration
  • Honours Bachelor of Interaction Design
  • Honours Bachelor of Photography
  • Web Design

Film, TV and Journalism

  • Advanced Television and Film
  • Honours Bachelor of Film and Television
  • Journalism
  • Journalism - Broadcast
  • Journalism – New Media
  • Journalistm - Print
  • Makeup for Media and Creative Arts
  • Media Fundamentals
  • Public Relations – Corporate Communications

Material Art and Design

  • Art Fundamentals
  • Honours Bachelor of Craft and Design
  • Honours Bachelor of Craft and Design (Ceramics)
  • Honours Bachelor of Craft and Design (Furniture)
  • Honours Bachelor of Craft and Design (Glass)
  • Honours Bachelor of Craft and Design (Industrial Design)
  • Honours Bachelor of Craft and Design (Textiles)
  • Honours Bachelor of Interior Design
  • Interior Decorating
  • Visual and Creative Arts
  • Visual Merchandising Arts

Visual and Performing Arts

  • Advanced Special Effects Makeup, Prosthetics and Props
  • Art and History (Bachelor of Arts)
  • Honours Bachelor of Music Theatre Performance
  • Communication, Culture, Information & Technology
  • Performing Arts – Preparation
  • Technical Production for Theatre and Live Events
  • Theatre and Drama Studies

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Faculty of Applied Health & Community Studies

Community Studies

  • Child and Youth Care
  • Community Worker – Outreach and Development
  • Social Service Worker
  • Social Service Worker – Gerontology


  • Honours Bachelor of Early Childhood Leadership
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Early Childhood Education – Intensive
  • Educational Support
  • Educational Support – Fast Track Intensive

Health Sciences

  • Animal Care

  • Honours Bachelor of Applied Health Sciences – Athletic Therapy
  • Honours Bachelor of Health Sciences – Kinesiology and Health Promotion
  • Community Pharmacy Assistant
  • Fundamentals of Fitness Leadership
  • Personal Support Worker
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Practical Nursing
  • Veterinary Technician

Public Safety

  • Community and Justice Services
  • Emergency Management
  • Investigation – Public and Private
  • Paralegal
  • Police Foundations

Faculty of Applied Science & Technology

Applied Computing

  • Bachelor of Applied Computer Science (Mobile Computing)

  • Bachelor of Applied Information Sciences (Information Systems Security)

  • Bachelor of Computing and Network Communications (Honours) - Internet Communications Technology

  • Computer Programmer

  • Computer Systems Technician - Software Engineering

  • Computer Systems Technology - Software Development and Network Engineering

  • Computer Systems Technology - Systems Analyst

  • Information Technologies Support Services

  • Information Systems Security (Bachelor of Applied Information Sciences)

  • Internet Communications Technology

Architectural Studies

  • Architectural Technician/Technology

Chemical and Environmental Sciences

  • Chemical Engineering Technology

  • Chemical Engineering Technology - Environmental

  • Chemical Laboratory Technician

  • Environmental Control

  • Environmental Technician

Digital Media and Gaming

  • Game Development – Advanced Programming
  • Interactive Media Management


  • Computer Engineering Technician/Technology

  • Electromechanical Engineering Technician/Technology

  • Electronics Engineering Technician/Technology

  • Manufacturing Management

  • Mechanical Engineering Technician/Technology

  • Mechanical Engineering Technician/Technology – Design and Drafting

  • Quality Assurance – Manufacturing and Management 

  • Technology Fundamentals

Skilled Trades

  • Electrical Engineering Technician

  • Electrical Techniques

  • Mechanical Technician - Tool Making

  • Mechanical Techniques - Plumbing

  • Mechanical Techniques - Tool and Die Maker

  • Welding Techniques

Pilon School of Business

  • Accounting (Bachelor of Business Administration)

  • Advertising – Account Management

  • Advertising and Marketing Communications – Management

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Accounting)

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Finance)

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Global Business Management)

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Human Resources Management)

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing Management)

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Supply Chain Management)

  • Business

  • Business Administration - Accounting

  • Business Administration - Finance

  • Business Administration - Human Resources

  • Business Administration - Marketing

  • Business Process Management

  • Finance (Bachelor of Business Administration)

  • Financial Planning

  • Global Business Management (Bachelor of Business Administration)

  • Human Resource Management (Bachelor of Business Administration)

  • Human Resources Management

  • International Business Management

  • Marketing Management

  • Marketing Management (Bachelor of Business Administration)

  • Office Administration - Executive

  • Office Administration – Health Services

  • Office Administration - Legal

  • Project Management

  • Supply Chain Management (Bachelor of Business Administration)

  • Tourism and Travel

Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

  • English Language Studies (ESL)
  • General Arts and Science – College Profile
  • General Arts and Science – Health Profile
  • General Arts and Science – University Profile
  • Pre-Health Sciences Pathway to Advanced Diplomas and Degrees

Faculty of Continuing & Professional Studies

Newcomers to Canada

  • Enhanced Language Training
  • Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada
  • Occupation specific language training programs

Academic Upgrading

  • Communications (up to Grade 12)
  • Mathematics (up to Grade 12)
  • Math for Technology
  • Chemistry (up to Grade 12)
  • Biology (up to Grade 11)
  • Computer Applications
  • Strategies for Success

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Sheridan College Campus Locations

Davis Campus - 7899 McLaughlin Road, Brampton, Ontario

  • Davis Campus offers programs in health care, business, community studies, engineering, architecture liberal arts and more.

Hazel McCallion Campus - 4180 Duke of York Blvd, Mississauga, ON

  • The Hazel McCallion Campus is home to the Faculty of Business (the Pilon School of Business)

Skills Training Centre - 407 Iroquois Shore Road, Oakville, ON

  • The Skills Training Centre (STC) is home to Sheridan’s pre-trades and apprenticeship programs. The Skills Training Centre provides approximately 450 full-time students with hands-on instruction in trades such as plumbing, electrical work, welding, and tool and die.

Trafalgar Road Campus - 1430 Trafalgar Road, Oakville, ON

  • This campus offers programs in animation, arts and design, advanced film and television, music theatre, business, community studies, liberal arts, applied science and technology, and more.

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