Oil and Gas Administration

As the oil and gas industry in Alberta continues to grow, so does the need for Oil and Gas Administrative Assistants.  Taking office administration courses geared towards the petroleum industry will provide you with specialized knowledge which is a valuable asset to any oil and gas company. 

The oil and gas administration courses at CDI College will help you develop knowledge in business administration and skills such as computer skills, oral and written communication, office organization and interpersonal skills.

The oil industry requires their administrative assistants to have excellent office management skills as well as industry-specific knowledge.  The Oil and Gas Administrative Assistant program will thoroughly explore industry-related terminology and practices and combines lectures, practical exercises, projects, exams and online progress checks for immediate feedback. Office administration course material is easy to understand and customizable learning paths and group discussions will help you achieve success.

After completing the oil and gas administration courses at CDI College, you should confidently find employment as an office administrator in the oil and gas industry.

CDI offers the Oil and Gas Administrative Assistant courses at a number of campuses in both Calgary and Edmonton. 


The Oil and Gas administration courses include:

  • Business Communications
  • Office Skills and training in the Microsoft Office suite
  • Oil well completion and moving into the production phase
  • Oil transportation, pipeline construction and operation
  • Oil refining and processing
  • Drilling
  • Geology
  • Land and Legal


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