Career Trends Students Should Be Watching in 2015

The career landscape is continuing to change.  The job market students face today is new and dynamic, reflecting the new reality that most employees “job hop” and do not retire from their first-ever job like generations before. Tara Sinclair, economist at job site’s research arm says “86% of job seekers who are already employed are looking for work outside their current occupations.”

Students need to pay close attention to a number of the broader trends, as they get ready for the workplace of today.

A variety of researchers and authors from Forbes and Time, indicate more and increased entrepreneurship, freelance work, work-from-home trends, and non-traditional career paths will impact more of the workforce.

Many of these experts are also saying that hiring practices will shift, meaning that students need to prepare for the impact of social media like LinkedIn profiles, online portfolio sources and working in internship positions to build relationships with potential future employers.

The highest-level trends are the continuing skills gap and the use of automation and outsourcing as more pressure is placed on companies to get leaner.  These factors have created a system where everyone is always under pressure to stay up to date and more relevant, as more and more people will need to reinvent themselves a number of times throughout their career.

More students will opt out of liberal arts type programs and consider community college and career college options as an alternative way for career preparation.

Securing Careers in the Shifting Workforce

If entrepreneurship or a future member of the “non-traditional” labor economy isn't your forte, here are some suggestions for secure career moves current students can make:

  • Healthcare (especially registered nursing, practical nursing, personal support workers, medical office administrators and healthcare managers) continues to experience growth
  • Engineering and technology (civil, biomedical and electrical engineering, computer science, cyber security, data analysis, web development and mobile app development)
  • Business (marketing, operations, social media, customer service and other specialized support roles)