Top 10 Nursing Assistant and PSW Schools in Canada

A Nursing Assistant, which is also called a Nurse’s Aide or Health Care Aide, Personal Support Worker or Resident Care Worker, is a critical member of today’s healthcare team as they directly assist in the care of patients.  They generally work under the supervision and direction of registered nurses (RNs) and other medical staff.

Nursing Assistants and Personal Support Care Workers work directly with patients to provide personal care such as bathing, dressing, feeding, and assisting patients to become ambulatory.  They also perform functions such as taking vital signs, which include blood pressure, temperature and respiration, and collect specimens, observe patients and report clinical and treatment information.

Where to train to become a Nurse’s Aide or PSW

There are many health care schools and colleges you can choose from that will lead you toward a practical and satisfying career.  The right health care school can offer many options to fit your area of interest, and choosing the right school can be a large undertaking.

If you are looking for a short-term health care training course so you can graduate with a certificate or diploma and enter the workforce quickly, this selected list of top health care schools can help you pinpoint the right school to help you meet your goals.

It's time to get serious about training for a career that lets you help others while helping yourself.  The list has been broken up into four convenient geographic lists.  Go ahead and contact any one of these top choices to get in-depth details about the programs you're interested in:

In Ontario the top healthcare college choices are:

Medix College of HealthcarePersonal Support Worker Diploma

Medix College has been providing healthcare career training programs in Ontario for over 40 years and strongly believes in providing quality education and state of the art training at their three campuses; Toronto, Brampton, and Scarborough.

Westervelt CollegePersonal Support Worker Diploma

  • Located in London, Brantford, Kitchener & Windsor, Ontario, Westervelt College, which was founded in 1885, is a leading Southern Ontario college, providing career training to students who want to earn their college diploma in a shorter period of time and begin earning an income sooner.

triOS College Personal Support Worker

  • With eight campuses conveniently located across south western Ontario, triOS College has trained over 20,000 job-ready graduates for rewarding and meaningful careers.

CTS Canadian Career CollegePersonal Support Worker

  • CTS Canadian Career College has been providing healthcaretraining for 30 years with four campuses located in North Bay, Barrie, Sudbury & Sault St. Marie.

Oxford CollegePersonal Support Worker

  • With six conveniently located campuses in Ontario provides the career training you need to enter the front lines of the healthcare field. 

CDI CollegePersonal Support Worker

In BC the top healthcare college choices are:

Sprott Shaw CollegeHealth Care Assistant program

  • Sprott Shaw has grown to 15 locations across BC and offer over 110 career focused training programs that give you the skills you need to reach your full potential and accomplish your career goals.

CDI CollegeHealth Care Assistant

Vancouver Career CollegeHealth Care Assistant

In Alberta and Manitoba the top healthcare college choices are:

CDI CollegeHealth Care Assistant

Reeves CollegeHealth Care Aide

In Atlantic Canada the top healthcare college choices are:

Eastern CollegePersonal Support Worker

  • Eastern College has been graduating successful employees and employers since 1983.  One of Eastern College’s program focuses on is Health Care, and has campuses in Fredericton, Halifax, Moncton, Saint John.

Where Do Nursing Assistants and Personal Support Workers Worker

  • Nursing Assistants and PSWs work in a variety of health care settings such as hospitals, home care offices, home health agencies, nursing homes, outpatient clinics, physicians' offices, laboratories, mental health facilities, long-term care facilities, mental health facilities and schools.