Set Goals using this Visual Trick

Career Coach, speaker and author of “Pivot” Jenny Blake, says that the way to create an effective plan of action is by creating a "mind map": a visual diagram of goals, along with the specific steps you need to take toward realizing those goals.

Write out the areas of your life that you'd like to change in the coming year, such as "career" and "health." Then draw spokes from each area and identify specific actions you can take to improve these areas.

For example, if want to get a new job or begin a new career, draw a spoke from "career" that might say skill building and then another spoke from that that could include "sign up for certification courses, or “attend workshops”.

Jenny Blake explains, “for each theme ask yourself, what’s important to me about that, what does success look like.  The goal is to break out of linear thinking and experiment to see which of your ideas is most likely to lead to a resonant next step.”

Video by CNBC